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Trained with the pedigree academically and the years in the HR sector, Dr Shelly’s personality adds "style," "substance," and "dedication”. Dr. P. Ricci, Director – FAU


Global Coaching Corner is an organization that empowers leaders at all levels to unlock their full potential and inspire positive change in themselves, teams, organizations, and their communities.

Partner for improvement in performance, retention, supervisor development, employee engagement and more.

About Us

With decades of experience, we pinpoint development needs through assessments and partner with leaders to create focused development plans that deliver results.

We partner with clients in a thought-provoking creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Coaching gives our clients the right motivation to take actions that make them successful. As coaches we provide inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to help our clients attain their goals. We seek to discover and understand context and help clients define key areas of leadership development that leads to transformational outcomes.

Our process is confidential and nonjudgmental, creating the space for clients to build awareness while challenging assumptions to advance positive impacts on their goals. Assessment tools support insights gained from global industry standards and best practices.


Leadership coaching maximizes talent development, performance, and organizational alignment. Our coaching equips leaders with skills like:

Coaching organizations through

0 %

Improvement in team effectiveness (Deloitte)

0 %

increase in productivity (IBM)

0 %

Retention after coaching (Manchester Inc)

Strategic thinking

Managing change

Building trust

Collaboration & Communication

Self Awareness & Emotional Intelligence

Coaching organizations through


Transitioning Phases

You’re going through a significant life or career transition

Leadership Struggles

You’re in a leadership role but feel out of your depth


You’re struggling to balance work and personal commitments

You feel

You feel stuck in your life, unable to move forward

The Leadership Coaching Process

Group Workshops & Team Facilitation

Growing Organizations looking to develop key talent & future leaders

By developing a deep rapport, Dr. Shelly establishes a foundation of trust and openness, resulting in a coaching experience that is truly personalized and impactful.

~K. Richards, CHRO

About Founder

Dr. Shelly Cameron is an author known for her insightful nonfiction works. She is an authority in the fields of success, Personal Growth, and inspiration with nine published books on the subject. She spent 20 years in the global pharmaceutical/healthcare industry, leading and coaching professionals at all levels. Dr. Shelly is the Founder and President of the Global Coaching Corner, where she shares her expertise in leadership and personal development.

A pivotal moment in Dr. Cameron's journey came with the publication of "Success Strategies of Caribbean American Leaders.” The innovative research was based on a phenomenological study conducted with Nova Southeastern University, which was published in the Journal of American Academy of Business (JAABC). The study, titled The Leadership Challenge, revealed the hidden secrets of successful leaders, which she now uses to inspire others to achieve their own goals.

Acknowledged for her excellence, Dr. Cameron is not only a seasoned author but also an authentic speaker, Certified Master (leadership transition) Coach, and an award recipient. Her commitment extends to nurturing first-time authors, aiding them in the writing and publishing process. Armed with advanced degrees in Education, Organizational Leadership, Health Administration, HR Development, and Business Management, she stands as a model of multifaceted expertise.

Outside her professional pursuits, Dr. Shelly is deeply engaged in philanthropy. She serves as President of the Writers Group of South Florida, Vice President on the Board of the Hospitality & HR Association of Broward County, Florida, for four terms. Additionally, she contributes as a dedicated member of the Volunteer Program Board of Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS), Washington DC, where she serves as the Chief Judge/Advisor for the 30 Under 30 Changemakers’ Program since its inception in 2016. An active Member of South Florida’s International Coaching Federation (ICF), South Florida Writers of Color, she is also member of St. Lucie HR Association, SHRM and the FWA. Through these initiatives, Dr. Shelly is committed to elevating her craft and her community.

Mantra: Success: Define it for yourself.


We understand the importance of open communication and value the opportunity to connect with you.








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The Leadership Challenge: Success Strategies of Immigrant Leaders in the United States
Published 9 Books on Success Strategies, Leadership, Career Development, and Inspiration

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