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Hiring is an art. If done correctly your business can move quickly and grow at a rapid rate. If it is not done correctly your business plateaus and quickly begin to fall behind. What you need is the right team that knows all the ins and outs of hiring and excels at picking the people with the right talent and attributes that fit perfectly into your business.

Cameron's Recruiting & Coaching Services: Who We Are

Division of Cameron Calder & Associates, LLC

Founded by Dr. Shelly Cameron, Human Resource Consultant with over 20 years’ experience working in the healthcare, hospitality, and media industries. Cameron’s Recruiting Services helps source the best talent to suit your needs. We do this by:

  • Nurturing a global community of talented individuals across different disciplines
  • Curating and sharing high value opportunities and resources to our community
  • Directly matching jobs, opportunities, and resources from companies, organizations, and other entities with our network of high talent.

Here is How We Help


Our recruitment packages consist of search services that ​allows us to work directly with opportunity providers to help them secure highly talented individuals for diverse opportunities. We offer these timesaving services in ways that work best for our clients, including managing the process of sourcing and screening candidates or sharing opportunities with our community and providing only those applications that are a good fit.



This package includes:

  • Resume / Portfolio Sourcing
  • Resume / Portfolio Screening
  • Present 4-6 Qualified Candidates (all of whom must be approved by you for further consideration)

Timeframe: Approximately 10- 12 business days



In this package, we not only source for talent and do all the above, but also, we conduct preliminary phone screenings to ensure that selected candidates are a good fit. This package includes:

  • Resume / Portfolio Sourcing
  • Resume / Portfolio Screening
  • Telephone Screens with Qualified Candidates (screening for aspects like fit, availability, qualifications and others you may request; screening notes provided to you)
  • Present 3-4 Qualified & Vetted Candidates (approved by you and primed for the next step in the hiring process)

Timeframe: Approximately 14-16 business days



This package is customized to your needs. We handle more of the process so you don’t have to. In addition to talent sourcing and phone screens, we offer an array of additional help. Want us to revise your job description? Help with scheduling interviews? Develop assignments/tests for potential candidates?

Timeframe:   Let’s talk | Varies Dependent on your needs.

Don’t see what you need?

Let’s customize a basic package just for you! We promote your opportunity and identify key talent to suit your needs. We present candidates who are a good fit. You can choose which candidates you want to contact, if any.

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Highly Qualified Team


Shelly Cameron

Author | Speaker | Transition Coach

As a busy management professional, you have been at it for years. You may have experienced:

  • A burning desire for change in your career or pondering the decision to Move from Employee to Entrepreneur.
  • A change has been thrust your way—without notice. Without warning you have been blindsided.
  • Sometimes you feel like a failure—as though you’re just ‘winging’ it.
  • You’re a workaholic who wants the time and space to do the things you’ve always dreamed of. Things such as spending time with your family or to getaway on that dream vacation that you promised yourself years ago.


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